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Chariot Logo Wednesday 5th Jun, 2019

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TPG no lock-in contract SIM only 4G mobile plan includes 10GB Data, Unlimited AU Talk & Text and 100 International Minutes

Current Information


*  Help Desk and Customer Support.

Please note these contact numbers.

Customer Service:
1300 137 425


Help Desk:
1300 137 425

*  Hoax Emails (10/11/2014)

Beware of hoax emails designed to look like they've come from Chariot or TPG. We will NEVER send emails that request you to enter your personal information or redirect you to logon to where you are required to enter this information. NEVER provide your password or personal details in response to one of these emails.

A recent example:

Dear Email Account User,

You have receive this message as resulting to a wrong multiple password attempt on this account, Hence we shall be blocking this account temporarily to verify the IP location.

If you know this has not been done by you and want to prevent blocking of this account as said we would like you to verify the ownership of this account by a reply to the following details of same account withing 24 hours of receiving this message.

Reconfirm Password:
Security Question:
Year Of Opening Account:

Upon provision of the stated details, this will help us reconfirm your ownership to the account.

Chariot Account Management Team.

Users that are unsure if an email "appearing" to be from Chariot/TPG is a hoax please forward it to: abuse@

*  Announcement: Payments at Chariot Adelaide office (25/05/2011)

The Service Counter at the Chariot, Leigh Street, Adelaide, office will no longer accept payments over the counter after June 30th, 2011.

If you previously made payments at our Adelaide office the payment alternatives now are:


Via bank deposit in any WESTPAC branch with the following information:

SA Chariot customers
Bank: Westpac
Account Name: Chariot Internet Ltd.
Account Number: 220682
BSB Number: 034 000

Picknowl customers
Bank: Westpac
Account Name: Chariot Ltd. trading as Picknowl
Account Number: 145070
BSB Number: 035 041

Once you have completed your direct deposit you will need to notify the Chariot office via phone, fax or email. Please include the time and date of the payment, the exact amount deposited and through which branch the payment was made. This information will be recorded on your file. To telephone dial 1300 137 425, or to fax dial 08 8291 8811 or send us an email to service@.


Cheque or Money Orders can still be sent in the post. Please ensure you include your full name and your Chariot email address.
Send to: Chariot Pty Ltd, PO BOX 151, Rundle Mall, SA 5000


You can find your "biller code" and "reference number" on your latest invoice. If you are unsure on how to make a Bpay payment please contact your bank.

Credit card:
We have 3 different methods you could use.
1. Log into MYA on our Chariot website and manually make a payment using your credit card, don't worry it's a secure website!
2. You can call 1300 137 425 and make a credit card payment 24 hours a day!
3. You can have payments come automatically out of your credit card. Go to our forms page and download the "Credit Card Authority Form". The completed form can be faxed, posted or scanned/emailed to Chariot.

Direct Debit:
You can have payments come automatically out of your Bank account. Go to our forms page and download the "Direct Debit Form". The completed form can be faxed, posted or scanned/emailed to Chariot.

Please note that some of these payment methods are not available to all customers, If you are unsure please call our help desk on 1300 137 425.


Security Information

*If you believe your system may be infected with a virus, check out the Symantec Security Check page for a free online scan.

Alternatively check the Chariot Security Information page for more information on viruses.

*If you receive an email requesting personal information (ie bank details, username and password, etc) do NOT give this out. Chariot may request your username for identification purposes only.

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